Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HP Pavilion dv9000, một trong những model có pin bị thu hồi.U.S. technology companies that open campaign lithium-ion battery fitted in the line of laptops HP and Compaq shipped from July 2007 to 7 / 2008 after receiving dozens of complaints from customers.
Since May 2010, HP has recorded 40 cases of machine malfunction due to overheating or battery, of which 7 people were found burned skin and a smoke.
HP Pavilion DV9000, one of the battery model is recovered.
The laptop is sold from $ 500 USD to $ 3,000. Pin retail price of about U.S. $ 100-160. Users can compare bar code and contact the customer care center for HP to follow instructions, if the recall will receive a free replacement battery.Customers in Vietnam can contact the Information Center HP products in Vietnam (the phone number 1800588868) for assistance.
2009 and 2010, HP have recalled 85,000 notebook computer batteries because of similar reasons.
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