Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luật sư phàn nàn vì trợ lý của đối thủ có 'ngực bự'

A lawyer in the United States has accused rival lawyers deliberately sat near a female assistant, "has" in the court, to make you distracted the attention of the jury trial.
According to Chicago Sun-Times , attorney Thomas Gooch said that her sole purpose as an assistant in court only as "attract the attention of the jury and distracted their attention on the case is take place. " He said it was tactical, "dirty" your opponent Dmitry Feofanov lawyers in litigation related to a car at the courthouse in the county of Cook, Chicago. 
"In terms of personally, I prefer women with large breasts. However, I do not think this woman is eligible to sit on the desk assistant and for the lawyers, while there were two lawyers here. She was trying to wear fashion only to attract attention towards themselves, "said Gooch make reasoning about women's breasts" terrorist. "
Then he Gooch asked the justices to force women to have an assistant sit in the front row for the audience. But he immediately rejected Feofanov, when that woman named Daniella Atencia eligible, because each trial involved two other Cook County as an assistant to a lawyer before.
The case is still pending, the next trial will take place on 2 / 6 to.  According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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