Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ngôi trường cấm học sinh chạm tay, ôm nhauA school in England has banned students beating hands, shaking hands and even hugged each other, for fear it could lead to the wood or cause the fighting.​​​​​​
She Dayna Chong (15), has been found to be penalized for holding a girlfriend at school. Dayna said: "I just hugged you in the morning to say hello, but was fine to sit in class, so I do not eat lunch."

Dayna's mother, Anita (33), said that this rule is extremist and ridiculous. She said: "If the kids could not hug each other at school, they will never learn to outside social contact. You'll need a hug when something unpleasant. I have never heard What has the madness in my life for hugging. "
While the 15-year-old daughter Sarah Hope is also in trouble for beating up with a friend. Sarah said: "It was an extremely rigid regulations. I think it is silly to not let the kids express intimacy with each other."
According to The Sun , the principal of Quest Academy, in Croydon, South London, to advocate that the law "does not communicate" will help prevent students fighting or bullying each other. Quest School spokesman said: "Touching the body between the students that can cause bad behavior, causing them to cause trouble and lead to a fight."​​ According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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