Monday, May 23, 2011

iPhone Nano sẽ xuất hiện vào năm 2012The experts said that 2012 is not a better time for Apple to launch handsets iPhone smart move cheap Nano.
On the mobile phone market today, Apple and Google are considered as two "sharks" are fighting over the body of a "whale" is dying, Nokia, and other experts say the key to Apple is a victory for a cheap smartphone - iPhone Nano.
Many firms, including market analysis Gartner noted that, Nokia will take back the position was lost after switching from Windows platform to Symbian Phone 7. Android is also gradually took over the market (currently accounting for nearly 1 / 3 market share for mobile devices), so this is the most appropriate time for Apple launched "chip" strategy to market the iPhone Nano.
The idea of ​​a cheap iPhone has long been included in Apple's design department, especially as new acting CEO is Tim Cock of them declared that he wanted to change the image of Apple products which are considered "only for the elite."
Newspaper Times and Wall Street and technology blog Tech Crunch are simultaneously reported earlier this year that the iPhone Nano in the process of production. But market research firm Avian Securities is affirmed "strong as nails column" that the iPhone Nano will be released in 2012.
This information as a basis, as Apple has recently developed storage services cloud called iCloud.With this service, Nano iPhone users will not care about storage problems, because all data will be stored on the cloud. According to Cult of Mac



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