Friday, February 10, 2012

Have crossed the age of forty but the catwalk queen Naomi Campbell can still own a super nice.

Looking at the new pictures of her "black newspaper" Harper's Bazaar magazine of March / 2012, many people probably mistaking the beauty of this is a new addition to her twenties. Compact body, skin, and those sexy curves, all still incredibly exist.
British supermodel cult confided that, to keep the current shape of your body is both an attempt to "terrible" her. Besides maintaining a healthy diet, she must constantly steaming, mask for face skin care. Naomi Campbell also says "Plastic surgery is nothing bad if someone wants to do good for themselves. But with my own, age is not the problem. I do not fear old age."
Naomi Campbell confided, she never calls himself a "super model" because she did not have any super power people both
The days of youth, Naomi Campbell never have to diet, smoking and even drinking
She said the black press, until now, she still loves his work - "It's a new challenge to see how people feel about your change"


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