Friday, February 10, 2012

Acne is a common enemy of all you boys and girls ages 12-20. A very normal reasons such as drinking coffee, staying up late, stress, or the girls menstrual period ... the "dose" stimulated growth rate of acne.

Worse, when suffering from acne, it is our habit of self-confidence or hand squeeze acne pimples to disappear quickly. But this habit is the enemy of the skin of a 80% risk of bruises and scars caused by the destruction of the indentations organized tissue, collagen and elastin fibers under the skin. When the acne was "flat", so you squeeze or natural, is easy to leave the bruises on her face ugly.
Early spring is a good chance we need the perfect way to meet friends, family, enjoy the spring ... But the intensive acne and will probably make you lose confidence in front of the face, took the joyful atmosphere. So you are ready untreated finish, quickly regained faces light up to confidently go out with friends?
Elos technology clears - AC
Currently, the most effective acne treatments with advanced technology in the U.S. had in Vietnam, providing confidence for many young people, both men and women. Elos Technology acne-AC under the Group's patents Syneron, the U.S. FDA and has been certified for safety and effectiveness in treating acne.
With the principle of using light waves IPL and RF, 400-2000nm wavelength, Elos-generated AC optimal power to destroy acne bacteria. When projected on the skin of acne, energy concentration immediately inside the hair follicle acne, disinfectants completely liquefied and then escape through the pores.
Right from the first treatment, acne can be 30-50% falling from the eye can see quite clearly. Elos treatments acne-AC was evaluated as having advantages in that: no rubbing, no known cause swelling of the face or more breakouts on the skin surface, kill all the acne from the inside without scarring. With Elos-AC, all types of acne can be eliminated completely and thoroughly after about 4 weeks of treatment.
Delete the following effective acne intensive
SR technology is the solution intensive treatment from the U.S., with the principle of protein breaks out between the dark pigment surrounding keratinocytes and dissolve a hematoma in the outermost layers of skin with a temperature of 50 ° C - 60 ° C. Air temperature will be combined with RF IPL offers, gives rise to skin, resulting in hematoma and bruises caused by the cells are surrounded by dark pigment melanin will be resolved by 90%.
Not only that, the coarse pore region of nose and the oil boom of the skin condition also improved significantly, the skin more smooth and dry, reducing excess oil from the skin condition. After a course of treatment from 4-8 times, light skin smooth, uniform color and ran out the ugly scar. The girls will be confident and comfortable makeup without fear of affecting the skin or rapidly drifting.


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