Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two hotgirl named Hai Yen, a seven every morning flashes in the top 2010 and a life as Miss Vietnam Germany in 2010 were excited with the convenience of web surfing, gaming, listening to music on iPhone, iPad thanks to the 3G network.

Hai Yen (short hair) and Hai Yen (long hair) are a fan of technology products "apple" as the iPhone, iPad.
In the network in Vietnam, Hai Yen hotgirl - had reached the top seven bright vitality 2010 - prefer to use the Mobile Internet services of Mobifone.
Mobile Internet Packages without limitation Mobifone available on the market from 10/2011 with charges VND 60,000 / month.
Recently, the network has decided to adjust rates down to only 40,000 / month.
The Mobile Internet tariff reduction and increase of free use of Mobifone will help customers, especially young people more enjoyable experience on your mobile with the lowest cost.
The rate of Internet access through the user's mobile operators' customers superior to the remaining network.
 Quality services, with 3G network is the stability of Mobifone users interested points.


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