Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The red and white Bugatti Veyron first appeared on life in Saigon in 2008, formerly belonged to an American, and he had to sell it on eBay for $ 1.3 million.

Bugatti Veyron red and white each sale on eBay in 2009.
Information on the fastest car and the commercial world's most expensive Bugatti Veyron has been taken shook Saigon, Vietnam's car game. According to the initial disclosure, the car was imported in the form of car ownership sea and 51A - 289.88. The vehicle owner's identity has not been revealed, although there are many reports that it is owned by a giant plastic industry, is an overseas Vietnamese to return.
Previously, this car had the time "fly back" in the U.S. and for sale on eBay for $ 1.3 million after a year of use. At that time, the car's interior was the parcel of the same color as the exterior, ie red and white, but when on to Vietnam, the car's interior has been converted to more common silver champagne.
Inside the vehicle's color has been changed to your liking owners.
Born in 2005, Bugatti Veyron supercar is fast and most powerful in the world today, with a maximum speed up to 407 km / h (Super Sport version of its own can achieve a maximum speed up to 431 km / h, holding the world record in speed for a commercial vehicle). However, not many people know that inside this car hides a lot of interesting details. Such as the name of its Veyron is named after a French riders - who won the championship at Le Mans in 1939 with a Bugatti Veyron Type 57 SC.
EB logo of the car is the abbreviation of Ettore Bugatti - the name of the founders of the brand Bugatti.
As a leading car, but only 25 people responsible for the correct assembly of its Veyron at the line in France, each of which takes about 400 hours to complete. In particular, the cars bolts, screws are made of titanium to reduce weight, and when taken out of the car, you will not be repeated.
Unlike other car, when you sit near the car and buzzing, the car will jump to the highest possible speed, but with a car at speeds up to 400 km / h, which is extremely dangerous.
Therefore, the company has its own plot a separate key named "key rate", which you plug this key into, once the car's suspension will be lowered, and the diffusion of car began to adjust and prepare you, "the clouds".
Front grille is made of titanium to protect the vehicle in case of sinking, as in aircraft, the vehicle speed by up to 400 km / h.
Moreover, the vehicle must be tested about 500 km and through a replacement of some components (tires, oil cooling) prior to the official client.
"The key to speed" on the Bugatti Veyron.
Bugatti Veyron in the waiting car travel Car & Passion 2
First held in 2011, car travel Car & Passion has seen the faces of the village elite super cars like Ferrari 458 Vietnam, Lamborghini Murcielago, Bentley Continental GT Speed, or Rolls-Royce Phantom .. . After the appearance of the car "in crisis" Bugatti Veyron in Vietnam, the believers hope to speed this car will be the focus of the journey this year (scheduled to take place from 30/4 to 4/5) .
Right after Vietnam, super car "in effect" has had a screen surfing Saigon day 10/2 before the recent admire many people.
Bugatti Veyron roamed the streets of Saigon. Video: Youtube.


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