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Club is not always for everyone, there are clubs that Participants must be flush with cash Billionaire called "Billionaire's club."

"The club super villas"
This is the "Crisis club" that the number of Participants is a limited number only, packed on a number of giants. "Boss" of the "club" is the owner of the mansion about $ 1 billion, Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani named Antilla.
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Super villa of India.
In addition, the list of members "club" is extended by the names of the other Billionaires like Roman Abramovich of Russia, with a mansion worth 150 million pounds in the Knightsbridge area, London, England; billion Lakshmi Mittal India rich People with homes in London £ 250.
Also, it must include women Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Elena Franchuk Victorian-style architecture mansion worth USD 161 million in London; Billionaire Yuri Milner - the founder of Digital Sky Technologies with $ 100 million mansion in Silicaon Valley, USA; and Petra Ecclestone - daughter of Formula 1 racing boss Bernie Ecclestone - the beautiful house worth $ 150 million property in Los Angeles.
The whole point of the members at the "Club super villas" hobby collecting, buying and selling villas with prices starting in millions of dollars.
"Club stock cars"
The hobby of the members of the "club" is not too expensive as "super villas club" but not everyone has "every single" to join the "club" is.
Topping the list is the wine industry and aviation Billionaire India - Vijay Mallya when this great country owns a 1913 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Besides many other life forms long cars.
Collection of classic cars Billionaire Vijay Mallya.
The second collection Belongs to the famous American Billionaire Ralph Lauren. This fashion designer is the owner of a magnificent collection of classic vehicles, a 1929 Blower Bentley gồm life, Mercedes-Benz "Count Trossi" 1930 Bugatti Type 57SC life SSK death in Atlantic Coupe 1938, and Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Mille Miglia 1938 life.
Collections estimated 5.000 of the King of Brunei with many unique models of Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Porsche are worthy Considered unique collection ranked third in total collections of the "club the stock cars."
"Island Princess Club"
This is a unique hobby of many world-famous Billionaire but the first character must be that Vijay Mallya Mentioned Billionaires of India. Chain system in the northern island of the archipelago islands in the Maldives and a Monte Carlo coast of Europe are at the disposal of this liquor tycoon.
Monte Carlo on the sea islands.
In addition, a number of others with similar interests with Canadian Indian Billionaire Billionaire Bob Dhillon India with large 2300-acre island in Central America, the British Billionaire Richard Branson, then put the money to a few islands of ownership to word such as Necker and Mosquito in British Virgin Islands, Makepeace Island or Sunshine Coastowns area of ​​Australia.
Co-founder of software maker Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen, the owner of the island in the northern city Allan Seatlle, USA. Billionaire Sheikh Hamad Bin oil Hamdan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates uniform (UAE), the island's name Futaisi in Abu Dhabi .
"The club bosses museum"
Although born a long time but the reception more members of the "club" is very "drip". Most recently, the accession of a big name on May 3/2011, Billionaire Carlos Slim with named Soumaya Museum in Mexico City.
Soumaya Museum of Billionaire Carlos Slim.
Before that, the list of members' club museum bosses "Also the name of Ronald Lauder, Estee Lauder cosmetics Heir to the company, owns Galeria Neue Museum for German-Austrian art in New York. French Billionaire Francois Pinault 'understanding of the owner of Palazzo Grassi museum in Venice, Italy, Which Showcases the brand collections totaling $ 1.7 billion.
Korean Billionaire Lee Kun Hee, chairman of Samsung Group, Samsung Museum opened museum to showcase the contemporary gọi art of kimchi. Billionaire Alice Walton, Heir of the "empire" retail Walton, owner of Crystal Bridges Museum, Which Showcases the works of American art .
The Nintendo founder, Billionaire Hiroshi Yamauchi, the museum has on hand Shigureden cũng Museum.Couple Indian Billionaire Shiv Nadar and Kiran, founder of technology firm HCL Technologies, also owns an art museum named Kiran Nadar Museum.
"Club of the yacht"
Topping the list must include the names of Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich named Billionaire oil when the two yachts, the world's largest yacht gồm Eclipse over 163m in length.
The world's largest yacht of Roman Abramovich Eclipse gọi.
Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and buy yourself gọi Nearly 122m long yacht Octopus.
In addition, some yacht owners like Saudi Billionaire, Al Waleed bin Talal entrepreneur, the persons named yacht Kingdom 5KR gold, approximately 86m long; Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia Samala boats can travel longer than 139m; Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said yacht Al Said of Oman to Nearly 59m long and the Sense of Google co-Founders, Larry Page Billionaires.


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