Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Women themselves to the Bill Clinton in droves, each day up to 25 beautiful people surrounded the politician, even if he is not president.

A program biography of former U.S. President Bill Clinton was shown on television, said Bill special ladies fan since the election the governor of Arkansas in the 1970s.
The former assistant to Bill Clinton said the woman "Bill fall for him" and drag it to the man as "flies found to perish".
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and their beauty.
The increased attractiveness of the Bill at the time he became President, and during this time, Bill had to admit that he was forced to "shut themselves" to avoid a series of faux pas.
The above is clearly revealed in the documentary program "The Clinton Years," the station's upcoming PBS .In this program, the former Bill Clinton's first talked about feeling betrayed related to Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky in 1998. From long before that, the sexual desire of the Bill also cause many problems.
According to the documentary film program, Bill's political team found that the girl is an obstacle when Bill failed in the race to Parliament in 1974 in the state of Arkansas. In charge of the election campaign Paul Fray said: "You must know that with time, every day, with at least 25 women have tried to find Bill and I have to tell them that he was away."
Marla Crider, who worked with Bill Clinton in Arkansas and also has an affair with former U.S. President, describing that real women "Bill fall for him." "Just like flies looking to perish. Bill needs that, he need their admiration like that. I do not know if anyone asked Hillary hurt me or anyone else."
Among those interviewed in the "Clinton Years" with Betsey Wright - trusted political aide of Clinton, who had an intervention is extremely important to the career of Bill in 1987 - a days before Bill announced its decision for president. Betsey Bill threatened by a list of ex-girlfriend of this politician.
Writer Gail Sheeley said: "Just a day before the press conference announced that Bill decided to run for president, Betsey Wright - Bill's campaign manager had forced him to sit down with a list of names of women and them a check each name. How many times? He met her where? She will say what? to each name that Bill said that 'she will not say anything', then Betsey said 'but I do not know that. '"
In 1992, Bill Clinton seems more difficult to control yourself. And until Lewinsky to the White House and became a trainee here, Bill autonomy evaporates completely. When Bill's infidelity was public, Betsey said, the staff of Bill extremely disappointed that the president had deceived them and many others.
One of the closest aides of Bill Clinton, Dick Morris said: "When the Lewinsky scandal broke, the president called me and I answered the call. He was saying, since I'm in the White House, I have close to her - I mean sexually, but I was groggy because this girl ".


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