Tuesday, February 7, 2012

England midfielder revealed the ability to produce underwear for women after they get used and earned success as a designer men's underwear.

Last year, hit the British top players David Beckham has teamed up with fashion brand H & M launch underwear line named after himself. Early last February, David attended the premiere of the first BST his underwear with H & M in London-England home. 
David Beckham in underwear products because he collaborated with H & M.
Not stop here, it seems this star field to engage more in the field of lingerie. Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show recently, David shared design ideas internal medicine for women.
"The ladies can also wear these pants. Women look great while wearing male underwear. So Real "- said his father four children. "But ultimately, yes, I also want to expand into the field of female underwear." Previously, David served as a model for Armani underwear brand in Italy.
David on The Jonathan Ross Show.
Besides his career, David also shared about his family life. In particular, the top players 36 years old also revealed he would like more 1 or 2 more children with wife Victoria. "We can grow by 1, 2 kids, but we have not thought about this, if it happens then great."


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