Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"We just go pick another time. My parents know we love each other", "mothers chatter" confirmed.

Scandal revealed boyfriend, fake nude photos and comments unsympathetic audience in recent times that affect social relationships outside of her?
- In the past I do not care or worry about what people will say about you, but recently I have started online and noticed the comments from the audience. I think people no one is perfect, some people like someone would not like, was anti fans can not require them to speak well of herself. One might even say no to that so I'm not sad, unless it's my loved ones.
They do not comment about me but about all the ones in the family as the three girls, even boys. People also can see but no one cares to those words. I'm glad those words do not have to bother people and I would feel very sorry if to the comments that do not affect or loved ones. Anti fans are not my relatives, they do not understand and I never want to understand so they only want what they say.
- Her family how to react to problems she was having feelings that?
- I'm not being yelled at because my parents and boyfriend did not do anything bad. We just go pick another time. My parents knew we loved each other.
- It was rumored that her boyfriend is a great country notorious playboy and had an affair with many beautiful people in the world. Do you know this?
- He told me about that, about the woman he once loved. I see it is normal because who does not like that, he's more older so of course before I know, he must know who this other person. I think just not taking advantage of each other in any relationship is okay.
The Virgin and her boyfriend appeared on the supercar shock billions.
- Looking at her calm face of scandal, many thanks curious where that one girl was 17 years old have that much bravery star cast has not always been?
- As a child I was very weak, having bad comments about her is horribly sad, but that the stronger because I have family in the next lot of encouragement. Now, I no longer worry about a few disparaging words unfounded, but still ready to receive comments from all manner of refinements to improve myself more. Just so I can start taking acting since I was too young to get used to the noisy environment or from without. But actually only say that sometimes I feel bewildered, very scared. 
- In your opinion what is the source of the anti wave equations in time?
- I think the image "mothers chatter" of I and the change in the current image has made people feel surprise and uncertainty. Childhood photos people like that too and when I was growing up, no one accepts the current image. But people must also understand that everyone has to a large, sooner or later it must occur.So, I took the pictures of nature more mature audience accustomed to the image of me now.
Mother "chatter" increasingly sexy.
 - There are many ways to demonstrate their maturity, why did you choose sexy pictures not very consistent with age?
- kids want adults claim to be the only way more glamorous time, no other choice but I know moderately attractive for the right age, not 17 as you hot bikini shoot another girl. I choose the clothes but closed that gap, not just offensive but asserts its mature image.
- Temporarily put aside acting job to focus on the music scene, but her voice is not appreciated. This can cause you to think back to work as an actor?
- I also know his voice at first or not, even quite bad. However, by studying hard vocal singer Nam Khanh so my voice is now so much better, also the ability to sing live better, be better people to rate. So I'll pursue my dream. I'm not one to be discouraged where.
- What do you think when it was suggested that the theater audience to see her just out of curiosity and not because of her voice?
- If you go out of curiosity is a thing makes me happy, because if they do not come for both voice and curious, then I have failed completely. Slowly my voice better if they would come for the two.
- Ever wanted to share these contests, but in a recent interview, she said it would not enrolled in any beauty contest that. Is it because the interference of cosmetic surgery should only dream crown guard?
- I'm not old enough for plastic surgery, must be over 18 surgeries, but if you later need to edit parts, I still do. I give up my dream contests simply because I see so many beautiful people, beautiful people more beautiful people, very little chance to win a beauty contest. I see an actor or singer is the easiest. I will concentrate on areas singing more because this is a big passion of mine.


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