Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paragliding with vultures jumping, sliding tube sharks in the lake, climbing vertical ice column ... can cause a heart attack, but many are the "players" nerves of steel preferred.

Sam Elias British climbing vertical ice columns 30 m higher than the Fang in Fairplay, Colorado - United States.
Add a new trend in extreme sports: jumping or paragliding with vultures falcons, hawks Scott Masons center in Nepal. Shown is the couple Scott and Anita Hjertas. They own two vultures uncle trained especially Kevin and Bob flew parallel to the glider. 

The tube slide will help people "break" into the world of creatures most aggressive - sharks. Those who love a cold sweat feeling can try "psychedelic" between all kinds of sharks at the Golden Nugget Hotel (Las Vegas - USA). 
A contestant is participating in the challenge called "Tough Guy" in Telford - England. 

The group FEMEN activists clashed with police during protests Switzerland at the World Economic Forum in Davos last ... with semi-nude condition.


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