Monday, February 13, 2012

Dozens of passengers participating airlines flight to Auckland Air New Zealand was discovered this morning with flu symptoms, making the aircraft immediately frozen and quarantined.

An aircraft of the airline Air New Zealand has been isolated for many passengers for flu symptoms appear. (Illustration)
The Boeing 777-200 has been quarantined for several hours, after originating from Tokyo, Japan, and carrying 274 passengers. On this flight, 73 passengers, including many children, suddenly fell ill and flu symptoms. The case has led New Zealand officials immediately frozen and test aircraft.
According to the New Zealand media, no passengers are allowed to leave the plane when the health officials to monitor the situation. A passenger named Chris Auld said, after officers wearing gas masks checked, many passengers will be allowed to leave the aircraft.
New Zealand Ministry of Health say they are closely monitoring the case. "We have notified and warned the situation in Japan is currently the flu season. However, it announced that it was just seasonal flu epidemic, not dangerous, though no precise information about the new flu strain there, "Health Minister Tony Ryall said.


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