Monday, February 13, 2012

The U.S. Navy has accused Iran of building a navy in the Gulf region, and by preparing many ships have the ability to perform tasks suicide attacks aimed at foreign navies.

Vice Admiral United States Navy Mark Fox said: "Iran has increased the number of submarines. They added a large number of high speed boat attack. Some small boats equipped with warheads or bombs can be used to carry out suicide attacks aimed at foreign Navy. "
Small vessel is carrying a bomb threat to the modern American warships.
In addition, Vice Admiral Fox, commander of 5th Fleet Navy drills in the Gulf, added: "We always monitor the development of long-range ballistic missiles, intermediate range and short range of Iran, as well as developments in the nuclear program they are pursuing. "
Even the U.S. fleet are modern and combative, but they are not immune to the small boats move faster speeds. And in fact, America has lost 17 sailors in an attack by small boat suicide bombers of Al-Qaeda against the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen in 1996. It was really worried that Washington and acknowledges that his giant ships are also vulnerable.
In a separate incident, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just announced exacerbate relations with the U.S. which is very stressful and Israel, when Tehran promised that forthcoming nuclear achievement "extremely important".
Speaking to the people present at the Azadi Square in Tehran 33 years anniversary of Iranian revolution, President Ahmadinejad said: "In the coming days, the world will witness the great achievements of nuclear enormous importance and ours. Foreign pressure to prevent us to have nuclear technology, but these pressures are useless. We not only understand the technology that has the ability to produce enough to meet domestic demand. "
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The announcement has caused concern for Israel, the country is calling for a military action to emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities to prevent Muslim countries could possess weapons nucleus.
However, Dr. Ephraim Asculal, Israel's leading expert on nuclear proliferation believe that, if Iran has achieved significant progress, this country can not produce nuclear weapons. Most likely, Iran could only produce them for fuel for nuclear power plants and nuclear research center.
In fact, Iran is under so much pressure from sanctions by the U.S. and its allies to force Tehran to stop conducting nuclear program. EU has also agreed to ban imports of oil and freeze assets of Iran's central bank.The sanctions have caused serious damage to Tehran, but the leaders of Islamic countries are constantly insists its nuclear program because of their peaceful intentions.
Furthermore, Iran also threatened Israel turned to ashes in the case of the Jewish state to use military force against Tehran. FARS, semi-official news agency quoted the head of Iran Guards Corps Islamic Revolution of Iran, Mohammad Shirdel he said: "Thousands of our missiles will be aimed at Israel and 40 bases of America in the region. If the Zionist regime to attack, we will turn it into ashes. "


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