Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Bull energy drink company is "headache" when their products are perceived as safe in China.

At this point, a series of large and small supermarkets in China has decided to remove the label Red Bull energy drinks from their shelves.
The reason stems from the Food Administration Harbin recently discovered in the Red Bull energy drink additives containing dangerous substances can be harmful to human health.
Accordingly, the components are found in Red Bull include food colors and sodium benzoate preservative.These additives are said to be inconsistent with the license of the Chinese pharmaceutical management.According to China's health, if combined with caffeine in water creates a hazardous beverages, can cause a healthy person has a headache, nervousness, anxiety, heart beating, and tinnitus.
The Department of Food and Drug Administration Harbin has not commented further on the case. Everything will be clarified in the next two weeks.
To reassure consumers, representatives of Red Bull in China also warrant that all products of their energy drinks do not contain any materials unauthorized.



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