Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On 12/2, the super most anticipated motorcycles in 2012 has screen test in Abu Dhabi (Arab Emirates Emirates) before the official launch this week.

Officially introduced in November last year at the show's most prestigious motorcycle world EICMA (Milan, Italy), the two-wheel devotees are counting down the days, waiting for the debut of ultra-cylinder motorcycles 1200 1199 Ducati Panigale.
As the "devil" in the village car now, Ducati Panigale Superquadro own block L-Twin engine the most advanced in the world. 4 cycle engine block cooling solution on the ultra-equipped motorcycles are not only lighter, making it possible to clean better fuel efficiency but also superior to the traditional rivals.
Try to make a comparison, the engine block helps achieve the capacity Panigale Ducati 195 rpm horsepower with only about 9000 cycles / minute, while the other is a super BMW S1000RR motorcycle must perform up to 14,200 rpm cycles / minute to be able to produce 193 horsepower capacity.
Add one more comparison to the power of the motor deficit was named homeland of Ducati (Panigale, Bologna, Italy). A Formula 1 race car owners usually weigh about 640 kg and a capacity of around 800 horsepower, the rate of 1.25 kW / kg. Meanwhile, Ducati Panigale own capacity 195 horsepower and weighs 164 kg, the rate of 1.19 kW / kg, a figure very desirable.
To achieve these parameters so impressive, Ducati made a revolution when the decision to equip their motorcycles supercar engine, monolithic design with monocoque body, which helps reduce weight and improve aerodynamic features when the vehicle operator. The chassis of the car is made of aluminum alloy, while the details of the engine are made of magnesium alloy and titanium.
Not only that, the motor is also super "plot" the performance of other equipment such as suspension systems with electronic balance Ohlin fork tube (S and S Tricolore version), Brembo brakes, exhaust Termignoni and dual LED lights form the first phase is applied on motorcycles.
1199 Video Ducati Panigale test session in Abu Dhabi in 2012.
The electronic system is equipped on the vehicle can be included as anti-lock braking system ABS Sport, Ducati's system back to DTS, electronic suspension systems support DES and faster gearshift DQS and conditioning technology EBC Brake Control for GP motorcycle.
Vehicles owned three driving modes are Sport (sports), Race (race car) and wet (in rain) and the following week are sold in three versions, including standard cost nearly $ 18,000, the cost S $ 23,000 and the highest S Tricolore cost $ 28,000.
1199 Ducati Panigale standard.
Panigale Ducati 1199 S.
Ducati 1199 S Tricolore Panigale.


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