Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's season this year, the designers introduced to the world VERA grave tone Sexy fashion BST Antoinette - the symbol of glamor, sexy same passionate love of France.

BST-inspired Rococo style, the castle of Versailles and celebrities have lived in this castle was named the Rose of Versailles.
Rococo style - one of the mainstream French architecture of the 18th century are often designed into the product line art with elegant decorations, luxurious products, sculpture, engraving, crystal economic, mirrors and tapestries bearing the royal seal. At the height of this style is the image of Versailles castle - where the focus of the essence and achievements with the most magnificent buildings, splendid. These famous people have lived in this castle has its legendary story revolves around a female of which is known Rose of Versailles - Marie Antoinette was known by the charming, sexy feel the same story of her passionate love has been portrayed in BST Sexy Antoinette.
Sexy Antoinette - The symbol of the glamor, the sexy French inspired art in Versailles castle 18th century.
Unlike traditional red Valentine's Day, Antoinette Sexy BST use 2 colors the way out than to create focal points difference - pink logo Fuchisia taste sweet love mysterious ship with a black tone, charmed resonances design corset with lace and tassels bring a new sense of Valentine day 14/2 years.
Fuchisia pink symbol of taste sweet love the mysterious ship with a black tone, mesmerizing images are also the Antoinette her charm, beauty is filled with happiness in his love
Is such as France rose lovely, charming ... VERA offers a different feel about the beauty of sexy girls, hot passionate Valentine's night.


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