Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A female diplomat and three others were injured after a car exploded outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India yesterday.

The car bombing outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India. (Photo: AFP)
Telegraph quoted Ajay Chadha, a senior official of the Indian Home Ministry said initial reports and the witnesses said that some had moped mounted objects behind a car attacked . "Delhi Police recently reported the incident at 3h20 pm (local time) yesterday, when an embassy of Israel Innova caught fire near the intersection of Aurangzeb. Initial reports showed that an unknown device is attached to the rear. However, the exact cause of the explosion can only be clarified after the Delhi police for further investigation, "the official notice.
"The driver of Indians and a female employee of the Israeli embassy in the car were injured. Two people walking on a side car also suffered minor injuries, "Mr. Chadha said. After the explosion, a resident filmed the burning car before fire crews arrive on time to control the fire.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed Paul Hirschson, the country's embassy in Georgia is under attack. Hirschson said a police bomb was safely defused Georgia, after being found in the car of an employee of the Israeli embassy in the capital Tbilisi.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately blamed Iran carried out the attacks, but Iran quickly denied allegations that pertain.
Israel set the representative offices in foreign countries in a state of high alert before the date of 12/2. This is the day of the assassination of Imad Moughniyeh, a military mastermind of Hezbollah guerrilla forces, in 2008.
 Video of car bombings of the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India.


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