Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abu Qatada, one of the world's most fanatic under Osama bin Laden British government is about to be released within a few days after detention in 2005.

Accordingly, the permission of the judge, Abu Qatada will be released on bail within a few days to give his youngest son to school to school. The decision has prompted many people are concerned, by a man as dangerous as the road Qatada will be allowed 2 hours per day during the bail.
Abu Qatada is the spiritual leader of the Islamic radical group al-Qaeda in Europe. Also, this character is also the spiritual leader of many other armed Islamist groups. Security Council, UN member states to ban this character residence because of implication to the terrorist network al-Qaeda. In addition, Abu Qatada also was wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the United States, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Jordan - home to y.
Bin Laden's envoy in Europe, Abu Qatada.
The Qatada was freed that not only parents in medical school that my son attended fear, but it also makes political activists are concerned, by Qatada "is a very dangerous man and we do not want to see him walking on the street ".
However, the order allowing bail Qatada Commission Special Immigration Appeals issued, so this character has the opportunity to live family life with his wife and five children's health. However, Qatada is to wear an electronic bracelet to monitor, and not allowed out of the curfew area is set around the home health 22 hours a day.
Also, this character as well as families of Qatada must strictly regulations to ensure the release command, if he would not return to prison was arrested after a few hours. In particular, officials do not consider the possibility Qatada can participate in the planning of a terrorist attack or other activities during medical bail.
The ability to contact the character of terrorists through the Internet to implement attack on Britain or other countries are taken into account, and thus "messenger of bin Laden" prohibited from using electricity phones capable of Internet access.
The location is called "bin Laden's right hand" in Europe, Qatada has a great influence to the terrorist al-Qaeda. The teachings of y are found in a room of suspected terrorist attacks made the United States 9/11/2001. Although the British authorities wanted to deport the character of Jordan, his hometown and where he also is absent by convicted terrorist plot, but with the European Human Rights judge prevented.


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