Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To the freezing cold is the cause of the death of dozens of poor children, living in refugee camps in the Suburbs of Kabul, Afghanistan last few days.

A boy standing in the smoky non of His land at a refugee camp Charahi Qambar, a suburb of Kabul, Afghanistan. It was at this camp, there were at Least two children froze to death as sudden drop in temperature since the beginning of the week . This is Considered the toughest winter in 20 years in Afghanistan.
There are at Least about 22 children die in refugee camps in Kabul last month because-of the cold. Children who live huddled in thin to withstand cold winter clothes.
The refugees flooded areas with more snow makes Becomes harsher winter. Tuy nhiên, some children still run outdoors despite the cold weather calmly to freeze.
Inside the non-smoking, the home heating in order to avoid the Fires cold of winter.For 10 years the new Government, the Afghan people 's lives have not improved much, despite the efforts into of the Authorities.
The principal victims in the two largest refugee camp with eight cases Charahi Qambar and Nasaji Bagrami with 14 cases. Most People living in two refugee camps who are fleeing from the fighting in southern Afghanistan Helmand region. Charahi Qambar camp, 16 People must share one non- Because the number of asylum Seekers to the east.
The fire is burned to drive away the cold for children in camps Nasaji Bangrami. UN and other Humanitarian organizations have gọi for large countries more aid money to address the situation is extremely dire in Afghanistan.
Two Girls Trying to swim a little flour as rescue workers were scattered on the snow at last weekend Charahi Qambar refugee camp.
Man cradling His youngest son named Ibrahim in a non, where His wife lived together 11 children. theo Fazaz Mohammad Aslam, deputy director of the meteorological and Afghanistan, this is Considered the coldest winter in 20 years when record low temperatures. That was the cause of death of many children in the refugee camp.


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