Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best known for soothing design, soaring, and refined, Elie Saab has once again impressed with the spring-summer 2012 BST.

Get the main colors are pastel (including but not dazzling bright colors) as pale yellow, beige, coral, blue, BST's like Elie Saab brings us to a spring garden with very romantic scene. Most costumes are made from lightweight materials, transparent, and is decorated with a picture skillfully embroidered, sewn sequin, or sparkling pearls.
BST time is divided into two clear groups, short skirts above the knee and the heel chan.Neu long dress as short skirts very charming and lovely, the evening dress was designed in classic style luxury. But above all, all of which are soaring, elegant, and charming, gentle honoring the beauty of women.



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