Thursday, February 9, 2012

As Italian singer costume really help you stand out and still youthful charm.

The colors fresh flowers will make the life more vivid, lively. young. Towards dynamic image, the singer chose for themselves as Italian-style luxury and charm of hot colors like red, black, green color, sweet golden days of late autumn ... exquisite style dress good on her fresh beauty, full of life.
This spring, as Italy Tet with their families in new homes in luxury apartments in District 7. With as Italy, this is the first new year at home no longer have to hire (for a long time to Saigon parents to take care of it for her daughter to sing the only pet. Only when touring as Italian foreign the new parents of a house in Dong Nai.) So after touring the U.S. return, as Italy went shopping with her mother so many ornaments for the family.
This New Year, as Italy goes around Saigon place because she wanted to enjoy the air New Year with his family because she had just finished touring in the U.S. two months. Plans for New Year's as Italy is releasing new album with songs and videos that serious investment as Italy has spent more time recording the past year.
The same view as Italian map and map of the distribution medium youthful gowns, elegant but no less fascinating:
Bandage style dress, hot trend this year
Creamy yellow dress with subtle looks bring you luxury
The green color block trend remains popular
Yellow mustard (mustard) are causing many Vietnamese fascinated star
Austrian leopard prints are the perfect choice for the girls of luxurious tastes
Gap shoulder dress with a little lace makes you more attractive tender
Images are photographer Nguyen Long, make up and fashion Donal Bay Nguyen support implementation.


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