Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sheyla Hershey - who is currently recognized owns the largest artificial breasts the world has survived the car accident, also thanks to all of her terrible round.

Sheyla Hershey car accident encounter from day 5/2 on his way home in Houston, Texas, USA.
Sheyla Hershey and huge breasts.
According to police, Sheyla Hershey was driving drunk, leading to loss of control and plowed into roadside trees. But the trial took place a day later, Sheyla Hershey has denied this and admitted that he just does not comply with the insurance belt, and said the biggest breast implant world for saving his life .
The chest deflated and returned intact after the accident Monday 5/2
Sheyla Hershey is 30 years old, Brazilian, currently holds the world record for largest breast implants. In 2010, this model she was hospitalized for emergency treatment due to chest size 38 MMM infection, but in 2011, she continued surgical implants to get back within a size 38 KKK.


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