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Dragon fruit looks like a stylized flame, or hairy rambutan fruit Salak fruit with peel like snake skin ... are bearing fruit as the world's most bizarre.

Kiwano (horned melon)
Kiwano is quite similar fruits or melons and cucumbers originated in Africa. It is Considered the ancestor of melon crops. When RIPE, yellow appearance and grow Kiwano many jagged horns, while inside the intestines with sour green. These fruits are edible, but it is usually used for decoration. The fruit is grown in the U.S., Chile, Australia and New Zealand. 
Also known by the name Pitaya, Dragon Fruit is red like a stylized flame surface. The fruit originated in Mexico, the countries of Central America and South America, but is now cultivated in Southeast Asia, southern China, Australia and Israel. Inside the gut of the dragon as black sesame seeds and has a Bland, sweet.
Durian is a fruit of the genus Durio (Durian Costs) are widely known in Southeast Asia. Durian is a large tree, fruit that smells unique and Spiny shell. The fruit has an oval to rounded form, with length 30 cm, diameter 15 cm and weight from 1 to 2 kg. Rice's durians are usually pale yellow. Although the species is a delicious fruit, but it can taste that many People can not stand and was forbidden to appear in public in countries word such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia.
Buddhism is the plant of the genus citrus fruit. The name of this plant comes from the shape of the branch with fruit that looks like Buddha hands. Buddha the plant is native to China and Japan, are grown quite popular in Vietnam. Mail using fresh fruit, make jam. The fruit is Often Contingent on a tray of fruit on the altar of the Vietnamese Tet.
As one of the hardest bodied species in the genus Us First (Passiflora), lemon has large flowers with the pistil and stamens to. stems may be smooth or Downy, long, crawling and climbing many tour books. The propeller-shaped leaves grow alternate 3-lobed, 6-15 cm size. More berry flesh, yellowish color when RIPE, with the size of an egg.
Pandanus is a tropical plant with sweet leaves. Pineapple is used in cooking to spice up the dessert as well as the main dish. In India, Pandanus trees are used for making cũng aromatherapy oil and Treatments. Pandanus fruit is sweet and is Often used for healing.
Rambutan is a tropical tree species in Southeast Asia. The name rambutan visual effects for the state coat of this species. The hair is cũng essential character in the name of the Malays: rambutan (hairy fruit). Today, rambutan is grown in Latitudes Between 15 ° S to 15 ° North, gồm Africa, Oceania, Central America and more particularly in Australia and the tăng Hawaiian Islands. Rambutan fruit grow in Bunches of red, yellow or orange. Sharp bark is hairy, soft, curved. Rambutan fruit flavored sweet and sour.
Jupiter information results 
Jupiter through a shrub form that originated in Japan, China and South Korea. Plants can grow higher than 10 meters. Their leaves grow alternate, usually leaves marks. Often shaped flowers drooping flowers. Rustic pine bark results green, looks like a sandwich filled with beads inside.
Atemoya is na and species of origin in tropical America. This fruit is popular in Taiwan, Cuba and Venezuela ... Often Atemoya heart-shaped fruit or round, with pale green. Atemoya fruit soft, bumpy skin. Many countries Atemoya pulp, sweet and slightly acrid.
Snakeskin fruit (or fruit Salak)
Salak is a species of palm tree native to Indonesia. Salak is short trees with leaves over 6 meters long, a long-stemmed leaves 2m, 15cm long spikes on it. Salak fruit Grows in the tree and is known as snake fruit, because-it has reddish-brown scaly bark. Causal Salak tastes sweet and acidic.


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