Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unfortunately due to a "trot" show romance on the report but vocal "glass" states: "I do not have the habit of Jealous of anyone who. I His own pride, we find Other People to envy me the new right. "

- Referring to Crystal, people Tend to think very afternoon she had a "stick tail" players hit. Thinking of opinion whether where this is too strict with Crystal?
- Thank you for giving me a pretty interesting question because-it looks too favorably when I Called her very afternoon, while Itself not look back, I imagine he had used the label anymore. The rigors of public opinion as it always has had the art, but I accept it because-it was so perfect I was alone.
- Do You Ever Regret "trot" show Your Love Story on the report to the trouble and problems in the past?
- Yes, I'm sorry! But I'm not there to hug a gnawing regret it, but by Their Own will gradually erase Past efforts into that unhappy with your products!
- Will You Ever feel remorse for His "hand slip" Cong Vinh romance with the past? If you still love him, maybe now more famous Crystal has Thuy Tien, why?
- (Laughs) In my life there is no two words "If ... then .." ... Simple life, but then everyone is good, everyone is successful at all.
I do not have the habit of envy anyone. I am me, I can pride Itself, we find new Other People to envy me right! Moreover fame in the assessment of each other well, things like love or fame very abstract to carry out the comparison. I have many People who always show love is beautiful, successful career behind that is not so.
- After the call ups and downs in life, you change the angle of view on love?
- I change every day, rather. Delving more, hear more, as that witnessed many new Complicated and chaotic life. Always love the world, only the People we are Different. With my conclusion, it is no longer the most important 'things again.
- People still whisper that Crystal has extended southward as backing. Is that true?
- The fact that Crystal is going to release more songs and họ products! The so-called "rumors" do not bother me, or rather Permanently scar me for it then!
- The Concept Of Your relationship with your long legs extended like?
- I'd never bad reviews about giants. To be Called, that is: Those with money, 'even lots of money, Which Means that they like very well, They have the right to Find Your beautiful daughter, with them. That's fine but why . Also implicit in the exchange That I know because-not because I do not fall into that case, perhaps not long at my feet.
- Many people say that Vietnam is where many pitfalls with the real giants, both fake. This comment makes you anxious when Southward?
- Pitfalls to me or not theo Is That out by themselves. If we continue to be decent, then nothing is cả His example.
- The family, your parents - who are very Interested in English girls, They were saying when you Southward?
- They respected my decisions. From ancient times to now by what I always ask my parents and we all sat down together to discuss what might happen to anticipate that deal! But cũng not very heavy because-my parents knew how stubborn and bravery, I should be independent from the small Things that irritated me gently to settle.
The song sheath composed by Liu Thien Huong for Crystal.


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