Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The couple turned to club tattoo tattoo art to the same, as a symbol of sweet love, insight, and ... bit painful.

These days, young people headaches when looking for a meaningful gift for someone you love, there was some thought of love engraved on their bodies, sometimes by getting tattoos.
According to Mr. Tran Chi Hieu, Chairman of the Hanoi Club tattoo art, tattoo sometimes not so fresh in the young capital Hanoi, the year before, in occasion of love, the young people who turned up and made his club tattoo pairs.
Double tattoo that you choose the relative abundance, depending on the preference of each person.However, most tattoos are selected in the arm, usually the wrist or ring finger. Couple tattoos usually not large, small, cute. Such tattoos, has not lost too much time, just not too ... have fun.
Another surprise is that, if the couple went pretty much tattoo then, nor are couples have to remove tattoos, since break or for a reason.
"Around about remove tattoos love scenes are also very compassionate comedy. Tattoo done a few for you to delete and split up, which if not removed, then re-edited, such as previous tattoo Dung - Ha, that time will add to Dung - Ha Dong ... " - Hieu share.
However, even delete or edit it for each season of love, tattoos youngest couple in the fingers or wrist pressure ... remains the choice of lovers, want to save each other's witnesses love deeply.
A couple of tattoos that young people in Hanoi have made Valentine season this year:
 The couple tattoo heart with angel wings cute.
 Instead of a couple tattooed rings true.
 Love symbol on your wrist.
 At times like this you fly pattern with these words bring hope, faith.
 A pair of pretty tattoos ... crisis.
 When love and individuals associated with the love of the country. You women are tattooed under your neck near the shoulder tattooed men.
 The same tattoo in the waist.
Confirmed that this is the witness of love.
 Or the familiar characters of the two.
 Elaborately tattooed and beautiful couple of other couples.
 The happiness of a young couple in love seasons, with a couple tattoos on her wrist.


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