Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Zing) - red and white and red tones make you relate to the sweet candy I will send him on the occasion of Valentine's gift.

Get the idea of ​​a man secretly in love with her colleagues, hotgirl Ivy and "boyfriend" Minh Sang made a colored images and youthful romance, as a hint to those you are asking how to choose clothes together clothes for real "ton sur ton".
Prepare gifts and sweet words to send to her. For you men prefer the simple, white shirt and light colored trousers would be a good choice. Do not forget to create accents with a small waist and a red tie
Minutes confused not speak
If you prefer e-phase seems to waste a little cool, you can choose male shirts ghile gowns, accompanied by a felt hat. Me "explore" her to wear shirts with light color tones
For women, pink dress will immediately bring you seem the most feminine and cute.With design and skirts bulging shoulders spread, you'll really cute in her eyes.Accessories indispensable arms and mane flowers
Besides, the red dress straps will also help you "score"
For a more youthful appearance, you can also choose male costumes are white girls shirt with the pink skirt legs
Walk together in the sun's warm southern



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