Monday, February 6, 2012

Currently, the smartphone has a media type is common touch. However, there are many who have never used a smartphone does.

Smartphone was a means of contact is common.
Here are five important rules for those new to these devices.
A. Self increase battery life for phone
Usually smartphone battery can maintain 1 or 2 days after a single charge. If you want long battery life, start by reducing the screen brightness to about 50%. You will quickly notice the difference.
The next step, turn off Bluetooth if not in use and disable the push e-mail (e-mail updates automatically cycles).
If you have a phone running the Android operating system, turn off the unique backgrounds, but drain the battery, then install a battery saving applications, such as JuiceDefender. The application is free and offers good performance for battery life.
Two. Touch the screen rather than typing, stabbed or poked
Many new smart phones using finger tap on the touch screen, or keep your fingers longer than is necessary.
For an application, just gently touching the icon with the flesh on your fingers. Do not use your nails because it is both easy to scratch the screen, has no effect (touch screen requires capacitance, such as the skin on the body).
With the iPhone, tap and hold on an icon will make all the icons shake. It is the first step to reorder them (by dragging and dropping). Press the Home button or turn off the icons back to normal state.
For Android phones, you can touch, hold, and drag icons to reorder them.
Note that, when you want to open an application or switch to another screen, you should not touch or glide your finger lightly and quickly.
3. The difference between off (off) and standby (idle)
Some new users are confused between the two modes. Off means that power supply to stop telephone.Once there, you can not make calls, run applications, or do anything else. Just off the phone when you really want to relax and not be bothered by anyone.
Instead, when you're not actually using the phone, you should leave standby mode - meaning that only the screen is off but can still receive calls, run applications and do other things as needed.
Phone can automatically switch to standby mode after a period of inactivity, or the user can activate by pressing (not holding) the power button. Standby mode also lets you save battery for your smartphone.
4. Avoid phone cover costs too high
A phone "naked" easily scratched, even may be crooked, chipped or broken if the impact is large. That's why most people are equipped with a protective coating for smartphones.
However, there is a problem is the type of shell in most stores (especially Apple and other stores of service providers) with high price. A small hint for you - look for buying online.
Users can find so many companies and individuals selling phone cover as well as other items on the internet many times cheaper when bought in the shop.
Of course, source, origin and quality of these products may be less than the shell of the phone in the store.However, this would not be a problem when you only need a protective layer, reducing the impact to the smartphone.
Five. Maximization of applications
The main applications are the factors that make the "smart" in "smartphone". So, find out and make the most of the stores application provider phone operating system. You'll find lots of good free software or if costs are also negligible.
The Android smartphone users should not ignore Google's Android Market and can also install the Amazon Appstore with new applications every day. But if you have an iPhone, you can only find application in the Apple App Store.
In addition, all other platforms have their own application stores. You do not hesitate to find and choose the suitable application because that is the main parts that make the difference between regular feature phone and a smartphone.
Hopefully the above may help the beginner can adapt and use the smartphone in a better way.


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