Monday, February 6, 2012

10h10 which means the clock V - the symbol of victory, so why watch some 9:42 appeared iPhone?

If you are a watch enthusiast, you hardly notice the clock to any advertiser in time 10:10, this is because if only on this timeline, the hour hand and minute hand will create the letter V - Victoria (winners), with implications that someone will have time to all.
Bob Borcher have solved the mystery about the 9:42 mark now always appear on the ad.
The popular understanding of Apple fans often wonder, why the images on the iPhone advertising, electronic clock always the 9:42 mark (9 hours 42 minutes)?
This mystery has been decoded by former Apple CEO - Mr. Bob Borcher. Recently, he has launched an online video presentation on the areas of Marketing, the job market.
9:42 a meaningful timeline history of Apple.
In the video, he explains why in all the iPhone, the default hours are 9:42: "If you're observant, you will realize that in all the ads for the phone his Apple were to now is 9:42. Because it is a milestone, marking the presence of the iPhone market. "
Advertise on iPhone 9:42 hour mark usually appears on the display screen.
This video has been removed then. However, after checking back a lot of advertising, they may indeed realize that the image appears on the iPhone ads are placed by default now is 9:42.


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