Friday, February 10, 2012

"My family and Hieu is very close to each other. Two are brought together before, and very fond of each other," singing "Smile" confided.

Everyday is Valentine
- It is known that Valentine's Day (14/2) you run two consecutive show in Hanoi. Running the show that much, your anniversary love like?
- For the love I have is that it is Valentine's day is all, is not necessarily a specific date that is regulated.
- Valentine this year, will there be a special Valentine for Mai Huong Van?
- Valentine's Day this year is a special result for me because this is my first year with "him" for this day. On that day, "he" and his family also came to hear me sing.
My family and Hieu is very close to each other. Both sides are brought together families from previous and very fond of each other. Hieu's family so that you me, treat me like a child in the home. Hieu's father and the very liberal artist. Talk to you very happy and extremely comfortable.
- Why Van Mai Huong has chosen public romance with Le Hieu at this point?
- Before I Hieu and never deny anything about the relationship of both. Only thing they both do not want too noisy on the personal lives of the communications media. My relationship with his friends Hieu initially, then the special and it was 2 hours of special importance to each other.
- When this publicly, you have to be afraid of romance used to polish the industry name for the album vol 1 is not really success?
- I think work and romance are two concepts quite succinctly. The success of my debut album, also depending on the recognition of one individual to another. I think I have also enjoyed initial success with "hit", are the experts and the audience loved, like the one I was then.
- The other singers are often hidden away unnecessarily romance, and why you chose to publicize?
- I myself do not want to be the subject of the afternoon angling guests and stimulate the curiosity of the audience. Each person has a way of expressing different emotions. The girl has a good boyfriend is a perfectly reasonable and normal.
I think very civilized audience to see and talk to two people familiar with each other is normal and respectable. The audience loved me because music personalities, as well as my own people, not just hard to look away from scrutiny and make personal subjective bias.
- Le Hieu is regarded as one of the singers pretty peach flowers in Vietnamese showbiz . Have you ever felt nervous about it yet?
- Romance to me is the coast, there are new conditions to be together. Very difficult to say anything much.But now both are serious about this relationship, respect and nurture together for the coast was a most meaningful way.
Bender said tongue seven times before
- With the advantage in appearance, Van Mai Huong thought to the selection of songs associated with dance to make the most advantage that?
- I think I have much more to explore than appearance. I'm not very strong on this account. But the choreography, I would definitely invest for training by audio-visual needs of the audience now increasing, not only have to hear or that look beautiful. But I'll still take a little more vocal than the look.
- Van Mai Huong think when it was suggested that vol 1 album is not really cause your attention to what ê-team as well as your audience expect?
- Each person perspectives and different assessment. Note whether or not and have created attractive or not depending on each person to enjoy. I personally like the ê-team always listen and cultivate the best things for me. I'm never content itself with yourself. Always striving and effort to better, perhaps more than with my style more.
Picture Van Mai Huong always appear clean in the media. People think that because you're too smart, but also people think that because you are too pale?
- The strong personality of an artist or light not been evaluated by the scandal surround. Maybe because I did not cause loud with the nature spokesperson chest clapping their names, I do not negligent in allowing his or her speech, behavior not speculate before all things, so people see my light?
I thought carefully and bending the tongue 7 times before speaking, and particularly when a woman myself.This is a very necessary, that expressed my respect for the audience and his music lovers.
- Van Mai Huong can share plans during his upcoming?
- On 10/2, Perfume will release MV Day mate in her debut album Smile , which have contributed to the position of Hieu actor. Then I will focus promote the album Smile , make a tour for students - students around the City, and continue the project his next album. 


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