Monday, February 13, 2012

The limousine company measured by Brabus (Germany) Mercedes S-class from the ownership of a powerhouse in Guangdong, China had sold up to nearly $ 1 million.

The "super-limousine" is named Brabus 60S, is seen in a luxurious campus in the city of Guangzhou (Guangdong, China). Not only is extended from the Mercedes S-Class, Brabus is also 60S "plot" separate block V12 Brabus 5.5 liter capacity engine produced 517 horsepower and torque is 830 Nm.
12m long vehicle properly, with a length up to 7m wheelbase. Inside the cabin is self-heating 7 seats, a mobile bar, surround sound system stereo, TV screens and fanciful staging lights on the ceiling.
However, when the "hunt" on the website of Brabus in China as well as the official website of the company in Germany, it does not at sight of the name Brabus 60S.
Therefore, the more likely this is the only vehicle to be ordered separately by a very wealthy customers in China. Price of this car is revealed up to 6 million yuan (about $ 953,000).
12m long vehicle, wheelbase is 7m.
7 high-grade leather seats, air conditioning and automatic zone heating.
Mobile bar shimmering under the lights staging platforms.
Steering wheel and dashboard of your car is wood paneling.


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