Monday, February 6, 2012

iPhone 5 và Galaxy S III sẽ chống được nước?A company's technology Liquipel (USA) creates nano thinner crust of human hair a thousand times to protect expensive electronic equipment such as phones, tablets will prevent the interesting features if the two sample applications on the phone "hot" upcoming.

There are many different information about Galaxy S phones and third-generation iPhone 5. However, one interesting feature is an online retailer of England revealed that Galaxy S III may be water resistant.
Accordingly, the two models will be applied nano coating technology protects electronic chip to its Liquipel if the device has been dropped into the water is not affected.
This technology had been applied on a Nokia device in October last year and this is the thin shell in price from 59 USD to 79 USD.
If the iPhone 5 Galaxy S III and integrated special protection coating, make sure the product cost will be higher, however, respond to, users can rest assured the device will "live" if fell into the water.
Clip waterproof testing technology Liquipel on 4G HTC Thunderbolt.


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