Friday, February 10, 2012

Along with the cardigan, the sweater pullover is also very suitable to wear for the spring weather.And with each shirt design, we have a mix of different maps.

Wide and short shirt designs should combine with graceful skirt spread
Round neck with the most beautiful shirts, two colors white and red are "fit" together
With a shirt designed flash like this, you should not wear the same dress, which should mix with a tight-fitting jeans
The seemingly coordinated this map can not quite perfect but is not it
What she did not like the bridge period, nor want to spend more time may choose to map simple mix
The blue color is always a highlight
+ T-shirts sweat shirt, a relaxed style, young, and also personality
These shirts are to take full advantage of spring weather
The button cardigan with a shirt, you have at least three ways to wear: close buttons, unbuttoned, or belt
Design combines the best dress goes well with jeans or tight pants or leggings


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