Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The flowing dress or skirt design choice bat wing "of dzach" help you both elegant and still has concealed two fuller after the Tet holiday.

Classic style blends with the modern trend is still hot, very grave tone fashion world favorite.
That's why you can confidently choose a dress that has no less classical to modern re-exported in the New Year's Day.
Flowing skirt design, not extracted waist and knee length with both early bright colors that are suitable for the festive season because it ensures privacy, but to help you show off slender legs and waist have hidden the Round tria than after a long vacation.
If you are a fan of hugging dresses and do not want to give up this habit, why not be combined with a long scarf? The main length of the resistance will help you "cheat" in height and cover two is less growth there!
The dress with the bat wing arms and fashionable designs are more spread her favorite, favorite.
This dress designs are appropriate for her body she had mi-tip and cute face, so it's pretty clear the default cocoon. Please note change the makeup to match this dress style. 
Map of hair is still hot, a lot of girls choose to incorporate it but how it is a matter of concern.
The shirt dress-coat with a little sugar in the elastic waist which is only consistent with her a bit thin. And if you are confident with their feet, you can combine with a bright skinny pants. However, the mix with legging pants dark there is also good, she a stylish!


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