Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Surely all of us are not from shocked to see the new designs of the Italian designer was performed at Rome Fashion Week.

Gianni Molaro is undeniably a talented designer to dare to take the idea very bold in His designs, designers have thể pen failed to Convey to the public. From skirt to skirt the chest for heart broken, or Skirts are all hidden cells contain nhiều Significant issues Political and social related to current, Tuy nhiên, it's hard to Explain it When looking at the uniform model is too complex.
 Designer Gianni Molaro (left) appears on stage fashion today 29 / 1
Each person has a thinking, feeling, and a guess looking at our own costume patterns "strange" is, therefore BST has caused much controversy, menu questions, menu questions were posed to NTK.
Admire some design in the Spring Summer 2012 Collection of Gianni Molaro:
Skirts broken hearts for Valentine's Day?
The costume made from umbrellas
Perhaps the designers want to Convey message through this costume patterns euro Crisis



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