Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A senior official of India said the country has to buy 126 fighter aircraft Rafale of France to equip the Air Force contract worth up to $ 11 billion.

The company Dassault Aviation of France has won a contract to sell 126 fighter jets in competition with the type of fighter Typhoon Europe, after the lowest bid for funding $ 11 billion. Reportedly, the product of Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corporation of America as well as the maker famous fighters from Russia and Sweden have not been considered for selecting tenders for technical reasons.
French Rafale fighter jets.
Anonymity because no authority of speaking to the press, the senior Indian officials said 18 aircraft will be transferred to India within 36 months. The remaining 108 aircraft will be group-owned Hindustan Aeronautics of India produced by the process of transferring technology from Dassault company.
India is a country importing weapons leading to modernize the army, to replace the obsolete type of ammunition purchased from the Soviet Union decades ago. Meanwhile, this contract may be considered a cure for the Rafale aircraft by just last month, French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet warning Rafale program can be stopped if it can not export types This fighter.
Rafale fighter was Air Force personnel from France in 2006. The first international mission is to support its air strikes on the Afghanistan battlefield in 2007 and actively participated in the campaign set up no-fly zone in the territory of Libya, to fight troops loyal to leader Gaddafi in the past. These planes are perfect, but cost is a factor as it loses points in the race to win the contract.


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