Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The world's top supermodel Bar Refaeli Israeli tennis player and world No. 2 has shown a very impressive images in the Journal of the American bikini famous Sports Illustrated.

Both appear very impressive
This is not the first time Nadal strut stuff by họ họ before he has male underwear ads and jeans for the famous fashion houses. So when standing next to Rafaeli, 1 in 100 fine human being Maxim magazine has voted hottest face the world in 2011, the picture was really impressed.
Nadal Rafaeli sexy masculine side
This images was launched in 2012 the occasion of Valentine. Rafaeli Nadal poses with the only part of the subject image mà named 'Bar and Boys. " Accordingly, the famous supermodel will star taken with the other popular sports. Besides Nadal, Rafaeli was standing alongside "any person" of the village swimming star Michael Phelps and Chris Paul NBA.
Images are made in the city of Montreal in Canada by photographer Walter Looss reputation.
Both men are Reaching for the cameras
Rafaeli cover bare hands
Nadal's fine hand grip hold 
Nadal shows off toned body
Flamboyant personality with tennis balls
Posing with Michael Phelps Rafaeli
With basketball star Chris Pual


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