Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Even rain wind, couples still choose to place West Lake Valentine date. On 02.14.2012 at 22h30 clips along West Lake (the Thanh Nien Road, Hanoi).

Young people express their love publicly
Valentine's Day weather forecast but not as good as the bitter cold drizzle do not "deter" the couple.
But Valentine this year, not street congestion occurs locally on major streets but in return, the young are "under play". Many young couples do not mind the rain particles thick, still leisurely stroll, girls holding flowers, bunch of balls, eyes, bashful smile.
More surprising, the way youth at 14/2 is even more crowded every day despite nearly 11 pm. "I read online that there is a legend says that lovers come together in the rain on Valentine's Day will be together forever.But to go from the start when it stopped raining rain to test the new components. So all the rain we get a new home "- My Linh, 23, West Lake share.
West Lake at 02/14/2012 22h30
Explaining why choose Westlake remote instead of the site near to confide, Tuan Minh, IT staff, said: "my girlfriend likes it romantic West Lake. I then said that young people often congregate here because it's crowded as a common habit. Moreover, want to date like this late at night, sitting up car is safe, not afraid of his robbery and my addiction. "
It seems that so many young people have the same opinion as Tuan Minh because the path along the lake at this time the couple occupied relatively "all". Just about 2-3 m to level up a car and a couple other tangerine wrap.
The prestigious restaurants in the city this evening had booked. On this occasion, many company events are not enough people notice. Some companies own powerful hand held event, ticket prices range from 300 - 600.000d/nguoi.
Many young people believe in organizing corporate events
Admission fee is quite high for young people with average incomes, but it is a full service including "all disabilities" what is needed for a date: romantic atmosphere, delicious food, enthusiastic waiters, music, dance ... Therefore, at Valentine this year, many couples put their faith in the event. However, this form of entertainment are often trouble.
Hong Anh, 19 and her boyfriend did not know to laugh or cry when a party last night Valentine. Boring party to the extent of sleepiness and both had to leave early because the item as bland as the later. "When we'd take the car out on, I rode my bike to secure it just for tonight we both have to go out happy? He loved his polite reply that "North Asia is also fun." I answer a protection to the natural two laughed: "From the dark hours to be a joke." Bi than to lose "
Also attending the event or to organize a date at a restaurant, cafe, no small number of couples choose a date in ... motels. Approximately 22h range last night, along the lane there are many motels on Tran Duy Hung was no longer room. Outside the sun but still calm and rainy, but inside the houses, underground garage was closed wedge.
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