Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vera Wang wedding dress design is not only beautiful, but the usual pattern of her dress is also very impressive, leaving the viewer stunned.

Referring to the name Vera Wang, nobody did not know this brand is the most famous wedding dress in the world. The samples of her magnificent wedding dress not only conquered a lot of Hollywood stars like Kim Kadarshian, Jessica Simpson, or Avril Lavigne, but also the desire of so many young girls around the world.It seems the designers have over 60 this, nothing is impossible, and she has confirmed this by collecting released before 2012 BST extremely unique.
BST is a skillful blend of style between men and women, strong, bold, yet classic, sexy, and no less charming.
Vera Wang is not interested in the symmetry of the dress that emphasized her focus and strange beauties. The dress "mullet-dress" (longer flap after flap before) is associated with bolero jacket and stockings by an unusual style.
In addition, BST also impressed with the long arm socks, shorts, sweaters, scarves and knee-length. Vera Wang has brought all of these bold ideas into his designs, and the result is launching a unique BST to unforgettable.



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