Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In times of economic hardship and unemployment rising, there are still jobs seemed only a dream for their particularly attractive to men.
Try softness of the bed in the hotel
This work however has been known around the world, but it's a dream job that is too relaxed can make multiples of money. Michel Dean's bed Travelodge hotel chain in Britain is blessed when people undertake this work. Every week, Michel must go to the Travelodge hotels throughout the world for 3 to 4 hours sleep to experience the "comfort level", to ensure the smooth precision of the beds in this hotel chain.
Tasting beer, wine
This sector, while not new, but always create boundless appeal for men, you can enjoy a multitude of beers wines from around the world. However, freelancers also requires a special taste and enjoy wine and beer experience that not everyone has.
Door Stops metro
The subway station in Tokyo is always packed during peak hours, and people always have to face to face to "jump" before boarding the subway doors close, stop pulling on the line who jam jam. So that a new job, career blocker subway was born in Japan. Their work is constantly blocking the door to let passengers can get inside the carriages.
Photographers bikini
"Just think of the countless people watching beautiful bikini area has seen the excitement how", this is the general comments from men when talking about this exciting work.
Game experience
Tested the latest games and still get paid for it forced gamers "crazy" with this work.
Condom Testing
An Australian company has recruited employees for testing of its condoms. Their request is simple, just you are a male over 18. This work does not get paid, but a condom was awarded $ 60 worth of firms with a single request: respond to your feeling after use. Of the 200 people selected, there will be a single person could win $ 1,000 prize of the company. Advertisement for this job also extremely impressive: "In your resume, if the presence of this work is indeed proud to friends, colleagues, because your work will the 'relationship' with the opposite sex. "
Try water slide
This work was relaxed and truly entertaining match, when you just drop down the slide to feel the altitude and temperature of the water below.
But this is dangerous work and the qualities required in the job just listed, but the appeal of espionage career for men that lives forever.


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