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Age difference, and even social status as the daughter pair Pato with Berlusconi, but love was all taken away, put them together to write up the story of the life.

Novak Djokovic - Jelena Ristic
It was admired, envied Djokovic not only by talent but because he has a solid rear and reliability. In any important match any of Serbian tennis players always appear beautiful pink ball Jelena Ristic. Although not active in the entertainment field, but Djokovic's girlfriend so beloved by gentle lovely face, blonde hair highlights.
Maria Sharapova - Sasha Vujacic
As one of the beauties of the most beautiful villages felt balls, many people ask the question: do not understand how the new man to conquer her heart? Through out the affair, but perhaps Sasha Vujacic basketball player who is "Russian Dolls" this quest. After dating, Vujacic Sharapova proposes marriage with a beautiful diamond ring. Needless to say, Aries player goes wild in the country happy and proud to show off ring finger pressure on the youngest appearing at events.
Cristiano Ronaldo - Irina Shayk
Every mention celebrity couple, many people secretly admire origin Aries feet long when the wild horses tamed Ronaldo. No more news peeled strong type of the star womanizer Portugal, instead happy pictures of the couple. The media also Gaur announced originating expensive player on the planet will propose to Irina Shayk on Valentine's night (14/2) in New York with a diamond engagement ring expensive. As planned, this summer, CR7 will pick her about nutrition.
Alexandre Pato - Barbara Berlusconi
Among the players, Pato is listed as instead of changing clothes lover, the cravings quickly bored. Have not been married a year, both leading to divorce each other to court, then, all long legs guy this beloved woman to another. As for Barbara, came in a wealthy family, the power. Although her husband has gone through a lifetime, but with its record on, she was known as consumption is pearl gold spike, a powerful woman. With different price tags, but still got hit couple in love, whether in terms of job Barbara is considered the "boss" of Pato. At first, many argue that Milan to the star than the old woman is just for money. But time has proven all, Barbara is very happy "young pilots" Pato is still handsome lover loves afternoon out of ink.
Gerard Pique - Shakira
Difference 10 years make sure life perspective, think of Pique and singer "Waka Waka" more or less will be different. Song call love helping couples adjust to be able to integrate with the enemy. Although many times disagreements occur, but each time it both more than the salt concentration. In a show of Shakira, fans will certainly remember pictures Pique on stage and hug butt lover in your arms. That is the most evidence for happy love sisters star Barca and Shakira.
Iker Casillas - Sara Carbonero
Kiss the girl couples financial identity on television at the 2010 World Cup has become unforgettable imprint in the hearts of fans. Players - sports reporter, a combination so perfect and Iker - Sara is the most evidence.In addition to career success, the pair also makes people admire beauty of love, a clean life without scandal.
Sergio Ramos - Lara Alvarez
The same pair Iker Casillas - Sara Carbonero, Ramos and his situation is also considered sexy couples second most beautiful lakes messages football. Even in terms of looks, Alvarez female sports reporter is somewhat superior to fellow sexy body with Sara on the youthful vitality.
Sami Khedira - Lena Gercke
Despite being a player, but Real Madrid star has the same angular face body is like a model. Combined with a beautiful girlfriend 176cm high - Lena Gercke, both make a beautiful couple of football both in looks and talent.

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