Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not only on six important awards, Adele was also selected as one of the most beautiful female star at the Grammy Awards 54th.

To appear in magnificent red carpet, the beautiful people still focus to create focal points in the eyes with black eyeliner and a pair of curved eyelashes. Each one looks different, but can easily find one thing that lipstick color is the beautiful people the most popular are still the colors familiar as deep red, orange, nude or pale pink.
 Adele charm and elegance with bold red lips and black eyes. With this makeup, beauty without using eye shadow, blusher also rated very light
Not just showing bare back sexy, singer Umbrella also impressed with the makeup tan. She has been very successful when using powder Bronzer match your natural skin color, pale pink lipstick, dark eyeliner eyes of a man, all perfect
Taylor Swift delicate parts as to when choosing eye makeup, this is one of the sexiest makeup
Jessie J is selected highlights eyes, so part of her pink lips and cheeks are very light makeup
Female Vocalist Country Music Carrie Underwood owns a face so beautiful, especially the eyes. So she chose makeup that course will highlight these advantages.Not only man bold eyeliner, Carrie also uses the chalk powder to add sparkling eyes
Despite not scoring in the dress but Robyn Page fairly impressed with the tones of blue eyes. This is a tone hard, but Robyn enough dexterity to not turn into a disaster
Pink lipstick shades seem to be preferred by Katy Perry
Kelly Osbourne copper eye makeup, lip purple with pink hair, her lilac
Dressing too obvious, but fortunately, Fergie has no style points in makeup. Gloss color nude makes her charming than ever, even if the makeup is very light
Lady Gaga just eccentric in dress, but very subtle makeup. Vocalist Born this wayimpressed with eyeliner cat's eye
No one can dare to learn the style of "bald beauty" Amber Rose, but the red lips of her commitment is worth considering
Julianne Hough's charm was explaining to us why the nude makeup is considered one of the most attractive style
Cat's Eye, bold red lips - Janina Gavankar seemed holding in his hand all recipes makeup is "hot" in the


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