Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sources quoted by U.S. federal prosecutors said user data on Megaupload share could be wiped out entirely on second to fifth.

Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department has banned the country visit Megaupload data sharing, and arrested seven people from this website allows millions of data stored movies, music and other content other illegal content.
Before the move from U.S. authorities, representatives said Megaupload, millions of users to store data on mainly family photos and personal documents. They can not access this data from early in January, but the chance to retrieve the file remains.
Megaupload for outside companies to store data for a fee and a lawyer representing the Megaupload says the government has frozen the accounts of this company.
According to lawyers Megaupload, the company is working with prosecutors to avoid the deleted data, however, at least about 50 million users with data that is in grave danger.
"We are optimistic this time that the U.S. government and Megaupload always wanted to protect consumers," the lawyer said Megaupload.
However, according to information from the lawyer's office and the U.S. Justice Department is expected in the first 5 (2 / 2) to these two companies is Carpathia Hosting and storage COGENT Communications Group will begin deleting the data Megaupload used.


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