Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tiny cars Peel P50 Car not use gasoline engines that run power, are produced in limited quantities with price of £ 15,000.

Seen from the front and two side-car, we can not help think of the cars running in the house of the "Mars" in the science fiction film. With super tiny electric car, users can freely travel in the most narrow roads, even in the house, out into the elevator, and user convenience is not worrying about parking problems the vehicle.
Actually, the idea of ​​a tiny car called the Peel appeared in 1962, and has 50 aircraft production version was put into practice, but it seems at the time the car was not for the very popular, so it was "death" shortly afterwards.
This time, they are "reborn" again, this car was named the Peel P50 Car and must be produced with relatively modest amount. The specific parameters of this unique vehicle power yet to be revealed only knew that there were many orders sent to two British engineers - who have redesigned this car which has a wealthy lawyer, but transportation is mainly his personal helicopter.



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