Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's spicy love your style with 5 romantic kissing, gently sweet as!

Indispensable kiss love couple, maybe even for it as "nutrients" important nurturing love. But have you ever even think of kissing also need to change? Do not let the kiss was too old, boring to make light of your feelings go offline. Let's spicy love your style with 5 romantic kissing, gently sweet bottom. Make sure he will "fall for him" for that view.
Flying kiss
This type of marriage that two people will face very close contact with each other. Take your lashes lightly on the palm of the "enemy", a feeling of closeness, warmth, extremely interesting.
Sexy kisses from behind
Not only has new lips feel most fully balance the sweetness of kisses, the ear is also an extremely sensitive parts of the body. So take a risk putting a surprise kiss on the opponent's ear. If this is your first "kiss" the love in this way, make sure "other half" will be immersed in the unforgettable feeling ecstatic.
Melting kiss
A very special thing that needs to kiss the catalyst, the catalyst here is food. First, again blindfolded opponent, then you should be actively implemented the kiss. While people are passionate, gently passing a piece of candy or a chocolate sweet strawberries from mouth to mouth your opponent. This type of marriage that anyone may have difficulty resisting.
The kiss "teasing"
To successfully implement a teasing kiss like this, you need a little mischievous, playing in it. While kissing, make "stealth" biting him lightly on the lips (enough to feel exciting opponent should not bite too hard). A teasing kiss is perfect for when your lips instead of only slightly expand the mouth of all sizes.
Soft kiss
Not all those who are in love can feel all the power of the kiss. Marriage is not merely a gesture of romantic love, but it also has the ability to awaken the senses, take you to an ecstasy of immersion. The most passionate kiss, and urine is not necessarily the most emotion to put up any environment. You can kiss on the neck, over the shoulder of the enemy (so long as soft), it knows is how to express feelings that they most desire, why.


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