Wednesday, February 1, 2012

During this upgrade, Firefox focuses on the ability to manage the add-on and correct some flaws exist in previous versions of.

Yes 9 months since Mozilla announced it will upgrade your version of Firefox in a faster cycle, the third-largest browser world has changed from version 4 to version 10. Previously, users had to wait three years to be seeing an upgrade from Firefox 3 to Firefox 4.
However, from the time that Mozilla has a policy to upgrade your browser to the 6 month period, its market share began to show signs of decline, gave way to the biggest rival is Google Chrome.
According to many experts, the Firefox "breath" in a fight with two "big" Internet Explorer and Chrome is backed by two "giants" as Microsoft and Google is a "death" has been predicted before. At the time a few years ago, referring to Firefox, people think of an advanced browser with stable performance, fast page loading speed and compatibility with multiple sites.
However, the story was much different from the fight between the browser becomes explosive in recent times. Browsing speed - the most important thing for the previous user was no longer a key factor by all browsers that are doing well.
In this context, Google Chrome - competitors also use cycle 6 months / 1 upgrade as Firefox, is emerging as a new phenomenon because of its simplicity, ease of use and especially integrating multiple applications use (such as Google Docs) and compatibility with many other leading products of Google such as Gmail, Youtube, etc. .. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer has always been a "monumental" hard to replace because it is the default browser of the OS world's largest - Windows.
"Firefox" is showing signs of shortness of breath.
Furthermore, the continuous upgrading of the new version caused a huge problem that many Firefox users are tired - it is the add-on. Each upgrade to a new version, almost all of the add-on version will not be used.Once there, users will have to find and reinstall. For non-professional users, this is no small difficulty.
At the time of Firefox 4 release, many users have been anxiously awaiting the hour for new Firefox version features what advantages Vietnamese. However, after the current version is Firefox 5,6,7 and 10 launch, make sure that the excitement has seen reduced. Firefox has also lost Monday throne world late last year into the hands of Chrome and if there are no drastic improvement in the near future, things could get worse again.
Users can download and use Firefox 10 from Mozilla's servers, for the Windows and Mac .


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