Thursday, December 29, 2011

The protests and rebellions in a row in the Arab countries, earthquake tsunami terror in Japan, or for killing Osama bin Laden ... are the highlights, the biggest influence in the world in the past year.

Arab Spring
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
Speaking of 2011, many people will call it in the "Arab Spring". The hit consecutive events happening in the community of Arab-speaking Middle East and North Africa has caused a changing world. This event is consuming ink the press ever since.
"Arab Spring" is the phrase world media referred to the wave of revolution, with the revolt, parades and demonstrations related to the scale and frequency unprecedented happened during the year the countries of the Arab world. Derived from a case of self-immolation of young men being humiliated on a police officer almost no street names on maps in Tunisia, "Arab spring" broke up, overthrow the dictatorship took perennial power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and shook the regime in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.
Start outbreak in Tunisia, the protests quickly ousted dictatorship in this country, then spread to Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak to make transfer of power. Not stopping there, the protests also spread to Libya, which the government of President Muammar Gaddafi was isolated world.
The Security Council adopted UN resolution to impose a ban on flights over its airspace Libya, while backing the rebels occupied the bastions of forces loyal to Mr Gaddafi. Finally, after eight months of fighting, the fighting had ended with the victory in favor of insurgents, after the death of carpets and controversial leader Gaddafi Tuesday 20/10/2011. After that, Saif al-Islam, son and is considered his successor Gaddafi, was arrested was over 42 years of Gaddafi's ruling family in the North African nation is rich in oil.
Spring also makes Arab regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria to be swayed. According to UN reports, the clashes between police and protesters in this country has killed nearly 5,000 people and thousands of others injured. In addition, the "Arab spring" is the driving force for mass protests broke out all over the world in the past year.
Earthquake - tsunami Japan
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
Strong earthquakes near magnitude 9.0 occurred off the coast of Japan on 11/3/2011 caused one of the worst tsunami history, killing nearly 16,000 people, more than 3,600 people lost area, 6,000 people were injured and millions of people falling into the sky projection screen land.
The waves reached a height of 38.9 m on the coast of Japan struck just minutes after the earthquake that people are not able to respond. In particular, there was deepening regional tsunami more than 10km inland swept everything before the ocean. When the tsunami receded, it turned not less populated area becomes wasteland because the beach house, cars washed out to sea. Even more heavy ship tens of thousands of tons were big waves from the deep sea several miles inland, causing an unprecedented spectacle.
Not only that, an earthquake with tsunami also caused serious incidents at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant No. 1, the world must not stand sitting still. This is considered a serious nuclear accident in history Monday, since the meltdown at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine 25 years ago.
It creates steam explosion in the reactor, causing a large amount of radioactive material released into the air. Millions of people were forced to evacuate emergency, while workers and firefighters risked working on contaminated sites to the most serious radioactive water spray to cool the reactor.
According to estimates by the Japanese government, on 03/11/2011 disasters can cause losses of up to 309 billion, a record figure most of the costs of natural disasters. However, the traditional, discipline and will rise up, the whole world was convinced that Japan would quickly recover and rebuild after disasters.
Osama bin Laden killed
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
On 05/02/2011 mark a milestone in the campaign against terrorism worldwide, when Osama bin Laden killed in the hideout deep in Pakistan territory.
Accordingly, the U.S. President Barack Obama the green light, a team of Navy commandos had secretly broken into the house was identified as bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan on two super-secret helicopter, then execute the attack lasted about 40 minutes. Five terrorists were killed, including Osama bin Laden and his son.
The case is considered the most resounding victory of the United States in the fight against terrorism, but it makes the relationship between Washington and Islamabad deteriorated. The Pakistan that the U.S. has overtaken his campaign especially targets bin Laden, while the West accused Islamabad deliberately hide hideout terrorist. The case also makes al-Qaeda elements made frantic bloody attacks to avenge the slain leader.
Not an image of bin Laden's death was announced, but U.S. authorities said the character had been killed, while the glass Islamic funeral from a military aircraft carrier U.S. team into the ocean.
European debt crisis
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
Starting in 2007 from the U.S., the global financial crisis has quickly cause serious effects on five continents. In 2011 was seen as a crisis in the region's most common European currency, the risk of default by a number of countries, the most serious of which is Greek.
Starting in 2010 but in 2011, one can see clearly the influence of the Greek debt crisis in particular and Europe in general. Not long after, the Greek debt crisis spread to Portugal, Spain and Italy followed, making this block facing bouts of "seismic" real.
Debt crisis in Europe is considered the cause of the worst riots in England, when the disaffected youth down the street smashing, looting and anti-police force. Rooted in case a young man shot dead by police, a wave of violence, smashing and looting quickly spread throughout the UK, causing unprecedented chaos in the kingdom. In the U.S., the demonstration "Taking Wall Street" widespread but not derived directly from the cause of the debt crisis, but it also reveals the disturbing problem exists in the U.S. economic system as a whole the world.
European debt crisis is that many regional leaders to resign, including the Greek prime minister and head of the Italian government. The meeting of leaders of EU member states is held constant in order to resolve the situation, but everything is still in a state of deadlock.
Massacre in Norway
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
On 7/22/2011 considered history's bloodiest day in Norway, when the killer Anders Breivik Behring made two consecutive terrorist attacks aimed at government buildings and a summer camp, killing of 77 people, mostly youth.
Once detonated a car bomb outside the office of prime minister and other government buildings in the capital, Oslo, Behring Anders Breivik killers dressed in police continue to attack the camp of the party in Utoeya Norway, killing 68 people, mostly teenagers. The witness said, Breivik close to where the wounded and then killed them without mercy may slightest.
The incident shocked the country is famous Norwegian peace. Not long after, Anders Breivik Behring was arrested and charged with implementation of both attacks. He is a man identified as extremism and anti-Islamic.
The hearing was conducted on suspects, and the formal hearing scheduled to take place early next year. However, the medical board has determined Breivik suffered from schizophrenia to paranoia.This conclusion was met with outcry of the people, especially those who have relatives killed in the massacre, by arguing who was mentally unable to plan attacks so perfect.
Although Breivik made a crime, but the massacre in Norway also alarms worldwide about the evolution of terrorism and its targets.
World citizens welcome the first 7 billion
6 the world's most prominent events in 2011
Day on 31/10/2011 considered the world's citizens to welcome the first 7 billion. In many countries, citizens representing 7 billion figure has been warmly welcomed in the family's expectations and the media. The first child born in the last day of October in each country is considered to represent the citizens of this great event. However, the world's 7 billion people living raises many issues concerning the other.
Population is constantly increasing, while the area of ​​the earth grow not make human life became increasingly more difficult. Lack of land to live, people devastated to find where natural breeding, entail consequences habitats themselves also destroyed. In addition, the rapid population growth makes the human condition is being pulled back, and creates huge amounts of waste adverse effect on human life.


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