Friday, December 30, 2011

Check out a luxury hotel in Hanoi, police units found in the basement with hundreds of students waiting to serve. However, the "hit on" prostitution at the hotel is now very difficult.

According to Colonel Vu Post Flat Head Prevention and fight against social evils, the Ministry of Public Security, the current prostitution tends to decrease, then also the potential risk, complicated. Although not openly, blatantly large scale but discreet, sophisticated, organized a small but widely spread in all areas of the country.
Statistics of police units showed the most complex of local prostitution is still the major cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two provinces bordering this area and some tourism, resort: Do Son (Haiphong), Sam Son (Thanh Hoa), Cua Lo (Nghe An), Quat Lam (Nam Dinh), Dai Lai (Vinh Phuc) ...
According to reviews, prostitution in the tourist resorts have long existed and still growing because some localities have not been thoroughly handling measures. In the newly formed industrial park, many rural areas, the waters before the farmers and fishermen were familiar only with the field, at sea, now move to foodservice business, bars, motels but actually the business of prostitution.
Organizations, professional prostitution ring, the operation was more sophisticated and thorough advantage of technology such as Internet use (with commentary forum web site, about sexual activity, address with hundreds of referrals, prostitutes), through mobile phones, instant messaging offerings, advertising agreements, dating sex sites to buy the place waiting to operate.
Remarkably, in Hanoi and HCMC have sex matched subjects were students, students who participate.This is because a part of racing requires you to eat, enjoy, uneducated, no job, have the difficult economic situation, especially in localities remote areas where qualified low that people are lured her into the path of prostitution.
According to his flat, prostitution on the current lot, the police intend to block, but this should belong to network security is difficult and can not be intercepted.
"Criminal offenses are mainly in northern South Vietnam was dragged into the opposite sex, mainly from the South to the North. Late last year the police arrested a large prostitution service in Vinh Phuc, when struck at a police venues selling sex to buy 14 pairs, in a room with a girl student boys 3-4 pm when the police asked why do so then this girl said "they told us it's a festival meal" - Mr Phang said.
Getting hundreds of students selling sex in hotels 5 stars
Prostitutes were arrested the police.
As representatives of the Ministry of Public Security, the reason the situation that is due today, many children love too soon to lead to early sexual activity. Moreover, many big girls usually before the age of their clients should not know so only just found out that his arrest prostitutes are minors.
According to this representative, who buy sex, minors purchasing process is mostly people who have money and social status. These objects, through their common object pimps, prostitutes broker to buy or purchase virgin sex underage children.
"Many students from poor families so after the first year, second year they have to sell sex to get money to go to school. This number is mainly due to the very poor only capable of feeding in early years education "- the representatives of the Ministry of Public Security said.
Referring to the difficulty of "beating the" sex now, he said Flat is currently very difficult to "hit the" 5-star hotel for the cost of large and difficult to handle violations.
"The prostitution service in five star hotels usually have it every foreigners arrested so the Department of Foreign Affairs to be invited, in addition to its own currency translation also lost hundreds of millions, there is no cost" - he Phang said. From this challenge, he said that now people have money to buy prostitutes in 5-star hotel is the safest. "Recently, when checking a hotel in Hanoi, police units found in the basement with hundreds of students."
According to his flat, prostitution often takes place under the common types such as taking advantage of food services, holidays, dancing, karaoke, coffee, laced whipped, massage .. or even the object of business does not stand out service but set prostitutes, sometimes up to hundreds of her serving for motels, hotels, offering girls abroad or their clients contact ...
"Recently some gangs appear prostitution sex trade are men disorderly social security. There are so jealous services has caused very serious murder "- his manager said.
Before this situation, Mr Phang said the next time the police will increase patrols to scan control dredging practice commercial sex workers are not working to the situation of prostitution venues and public places.
"The police will work closely with other units of network management, network security to prevent and remove pages and information to promote cultural pornography exists. Also, coordinate with procuracy, courts handle serious subjects in the case of sex workers, enhance deterrence effect "- he was Head of Prevention and fight against social evils, he said.


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