Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Although SaigonHkphone was prepared, but as close to immediately end the promotion, customers increasingly worried because promotional products are always in a state of burning, difficult to "hunt" is.

But especially in the provinces remote client does not have the conditions to buy in time due to promotions and salary inadequate to meet during the program. Should saigonhkphone decided to extend the program to end on 31/12/2011 khuen tomorrow.
During the promotional period, HD7 3G Smartphone fire always in a state of the customer to buy too big. One person bought introduce many relatives and friends to another, is the biggest reason to this phenomenon, and was getting hot, and hotter than ever right near the end of the promotion . Because HD7 Smartphone 3G smartphone is using a dual-core processors that l 1GHz cheapest on the market today. Products Made with a single purpose: to dominate smartphone segment "popular" provision towards an audience of students and first time smartphone users., HD7 3G has proven that he is a move Excellence in co Smartphone segment 1GHz cheap on the market today.
HD7 Smartphone 3G-selling last minute
Design and sensory HD7 3G Smartphone.
First impression about 3G Smartphone designed HD7 thin plates, equipped with Android OS 2.3.4, l that MTK 6573 chip (650MHz + ARM 11-AMR116-507MHz) dual 1GHz, RAM 512MB, 512 MB ROM, 4.3 inch WVGA screen LG resolution 480 x 800 pixels and more colorful. Activity in the 4-band GSM, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS.
HD7 Smartphone 3G-selling last minute
The HD7 3G Smartphone Camera resolution 8.0 Megapixel
HD7 Smartphone 3G-selling last minute
Carrying the full range of essential connections: Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G high-speed connectivity, global positioning GPS, 3G HD7 will definitely help you not be left behind the technological society is growing constantly . Besides, in terms of performance, the machine uses MTK 6573 chip that l (11-650MHz + ARM AMR116-507MHz) dual core clock runs at 1GHz, with 512 MB RAM, enough for tasks such as reading web , view photos, check mail and view office documents like Word, Excel, play the 3D game "Crisis" as Need For Speed ​​hot pursuit, Pes 2012 ... HD7 3G will be a "monster" in terms of speed handling of the cheapest in its segment but cheap 1GHz smartphone line today. Its battery at 1250mAh, it can be said is enough pears you through two days of use at normal levels and may extend to 3 days if you know how to save. Indeed a "dream" for many smartphone.
According to SaigonHkphone, the official price of the product HD7 3G is 4.5 million.


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